Southwestern Association of Forensic Scientists
Southwestern Association of Forensic Scientists Southwestern Association of Forensic Scientists

Southwestern Association of Forensic Scientists

February 02, 2014
36th Annual SWAFS 2014 Conference

October 19 - 23, 2014

South Padre Island, Texas 

Tentative Workshop Topics Include:

SANE (Sexual Assault, Child abuse, Domestic violence)

3130 Genetic Analyzer Troubleshooting


Courtroom Testimony


Crime Scene Investigation

Blood Pattern Analysis

Human vs. Nonhuman Identification

Shooting Reconstruction

Trace Analysis

Latent Print Processing and Suitability

Blood Alcohol

Drug Workshops

Human Skeletal Recovery (buried remains)

ISO/IEC 17025 (specific topics)

More to Come! 

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Hosted by Texas DPS - Weslaco


The Southwestern Association of Forensic Scientists (SWAFS) is a not for profit association of persons actively engaged in the profession of scientific examination of physical evidence in an organized body so that the profession in all of its disciplines may be effectively and scientifically practiced.

SWAFS exists to: exchange information among forensic scientists to improve techniques, encourage research in forensic science and keep its members apprised of the latest techniques and discoveries in forensic science.

This site is dedicated to open information and also the sharing of information with our membership. Certain areas of this site are reserved for our members and access is limited to password-protected restricted areas.

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