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Board of Directors - Election 2013

Board of Directors

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Chris Boydstun [Elected]
Senior Criminalist

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation

I received my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry in December, 2000. I have been employed by the OSBI in the Northeast Regional Lab in Tahlequah since July, 2001. My area of expertise is in drug identification, analysis, and clandestine laboratory processing.

I have been a regular member of SWAFS since January, 2004. It was my privilege to have previously served on the Board of Directors during 2010-2012. It is a great organization, fostering networking with others in the forensic field. All of the members of SWAFS are so willing to share their knowledge and answer any questions or tackle any problems other members have. It seems that whatever question anyone may have, someone jumps right in with the answer. I really enjoy the fact that the workshops given during the annual conference are not limited to people working in that discipline. I think this encourages people to become more diverse, gaining knowledge from other areas of the forensic science field.

I am honored to be nominated for the Board of Directors. I look forward to the challenge and privilege of serving SWAFS again in this position.

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Laura Cook 
Quality Assurance Manager

Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office Crime Laboratory

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Science from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in December 2009. I interned at the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office Crime Laboratory during the summer of 2008, and following graduation I was offered a full time position as a Chemist in January of 2010. Our lab is accredited in both Toxicology (Blood Alcohol and Blood Drugs) and Drug Chemistry. I have been cross trained in both disciplines, and I became our Quality Assurance Manager in 2012.

I have attended ASCLD/LAB Internal Auditing and Assessor Training Courses to help prepare our lab to transition from Legacy to International Accreditation. I became a regular member at our last SWAFS meeting in Scottsdale, and I am currently on the membership committee.

Attending the past two SWAFS meetings was a wonderful opportunity to network and expand my knowledge in the forensic science community. I hope to become more involved in the growth of this organization and it’s ability to serve as a resource to it’s members. It is truly an honor to even be nominated to sit on the Board of Directors for the Southwestern Association of Forensic Scientists.

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Eloisa Esparza 
Forensic Scientist
Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory
Tyler, Texas
My name is Eloisa Esparza and I am a Forensic Scientist with the Texas Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory in Tyler, Texas. I graduated from Sam Houston State University in December 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and started my career with the Department in October 2007 analyzing controlled substances. In June 2012, I also began analyzing blood evidence for blood alcohol determination. Within DPS I have taken on several duties, including purchasing, inventory and instrument maintenance. I am also the proud mom of a 5-year-old and run my own home-based business, so I know the importance of being organized. I have been a member of SWAFS since 2009 and would be honored to take a more active role in the organization this coming year.


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Michelle O'Neal [Elected] 
Senior Forensic Scientist
Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office
Fort Worth, Texas

Michelle O’Neal is a Senior Forensic Drug Chemist at the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office. She has twenty-four years experience in drug chemistry. She also works on the Anthropological and Trace recovery teams.

Michelle has ten years experience as a former crime scene investigator and spent ten years as a Certified Technical Supervisor in the Texas Breath Alcohol Program. She is a distinguished member of SWAFS and served as President in 2009. She is also a member Clandestine Laboratory Chemists.

In the area of community service Michelle sat for two years as the Board President for The Samaritan House/Samaritan Villages housing project which provides homes for persons living with HIV/AIDS in Fort Worth and is currently on their advisory board.