Southwestern Association of Forensic Scientists
Southwestern Association of Forensic Scientists Southwestern Association of Forensic Scientists

President-elect - Election 2016



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Alex Madrigal
Forensic Scientist IV - DNA


DNA/Serology Analyst and Crime Scene

(I have also trained in blood spatter, hair, fibers, and blood alcohol)

26 years and 9 months of forensic science experience
I have been or am part of the following organizations throughout my career:

ASCLD/LAB Inspector 2001,DNA Auditor 2001, TX DPS Criminalists Association –1999, TX DNA Advisory Board 2000 – 2003, TX DNA Advisory Board 1996 – 1998, Association of Forensic DNA Analysts and Administrators (AFDAA) 1995, International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts 1994, Association of Crime Scene Reconstruction 1994, Southwestern Association of Forensic Scientists 1990, American Society of Clinical Pathologists 1989

SWAFS Activities: Regular Member since 1990, have served on the Professional Conduct Committee, co-hosted the 1993 and 1998 SWAFS Meetings at South Padre Island, TX , SWAFS President Elect 2011-2012, President 2012-2013, and Chairman of the Board 2013-2014.

OBJECTIVE: SWAFS has been a very important professional organization in the development of Forensic Scientists, not only in the scientific aspect, but in the enrichment of ethical values. We as SWAFS members have always taken pride in these values. Although, we at SWAFS always talk about Ethics, we need to bring in this kind of workshops to our meetings. With the rapid changes in forensics, we need to re-emphasized “ETHICS” in our work place. If elected I would like to bring workshops on Ethics to our meetings. Older or new Forensic Scientist, we can all benefit from workshops like this.

New and upcoming for DNA analyst is the ever changing reporting of mixtures. As a long standing organization we need to provide training in this area by bringing in experts in this subject. We also need to look at the future of the other disciplines and afford the latest training to our membership.

Thank you; and I hope to serve your organization, SWAFS once again.